Mar 16, 2023

The Best Way to Prepare for your Engagement Session | Aspen Wedding Photographer

Engagement sessions are such a great way to get to know how your photographer works It also helps couples to get comfortable in front of the camera. I find that each session for engagement needs an hour and a half. The best light is usually right at sunrise or just before sunset. All throughout the year the start time change in Colorado. At this time in the day this is the best light for portrait photography and best to avoid harsh light.

First off, my couples have a choice for two outfit changes. The best way to have the best outfit is to plan in advance. It is important to have two choices gets the most out of your session. If my couples are having difficulty, then I refer them to a Pinterest board with outfit inspiration. I also send my couples my personal phone number to text me in the process of stylizing. I usually tell couples to have a casual and an elegant choice in their selection. Therefore when you get your photos you have choices. Usually the more casual outfit allows for more movement and playful poses. While a more elegant choice would be more timeless. Once your receive your photos, you can plan what you want to put on your walls. This would be a great place to get the most our of your photos.

Second, showing up on time or fifteen minutes early. One time there was a couple that show up an hour late for their session. As a photographer, I was scrambling in the last thirty minutes of light we had and the whole session felt rushed. Make sure you show up on time or arrive at least fifteen minutes early. It is better to be a little bit early than missing out on light. As flexible I am for couples, I can’t keep the sun up longer than sunset time.

Third, utilize your makeup artist before your shoot. Makeup artists know what they are doing when it comes to professional photography and make your skin look glowing. It is also a great way to test run your makeup artist before your wedding. The best part is it makes you feel so much more confident in your photos. It is something I highly suggest! You should feel special before photos.

Lastly, the number one goal of mine is for you to leave the session saying “that was not as bad as I had planned.” More than anything, I love hearing that from one of my grooms. On a wedding day, you spend more time with your photographer than any other vendor. It is crucial that you get along and having an engagement session is the best way to find that out.

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