Getting to know my couples is an important part of my process. Capturing portraiture intentionally in an authentically intimate and elegantly chic way.

Hello, I’m Kisa

Let’s just say, it’s the moments between moments that usually get the shot. 

Candid moments are what fuels my passion and I love nothing more than couples feeling natural.

I love moments that are real and tell a story. 

 I have truly lived by not letting a moment be missed knowing that these photos for future generations are what tells a story. Your story.

Six weeks later, my little brother passed away unexpectedly at the age of 29. Three people that we loved in one year. All unexpected.

I carried my son for 9 months and when I went into labor we found out the news that our baby no longer had a heartbeat. He was born sleeping.

My husband's little brother unexpectedly lost his life at the age of 26. We then became pregnant that same month.

A couple years ago, my perspective on photography altered. 

Because of the gravity the year brought, I know a photograph will be one of the most important and tangible moments you have left of someone.

I am drawn to different stories, different people, and people that value the experience in life's little pleasures. I get to direct my couples to get those laughs, cries, and the moments in-between. The best part is I get to tell your story. The little heirlooms that many years you’ll see the emotion you had for one another. You'll see the story of how your day unfolded. Not a moment missed and photograph to remember it by. 

Photography is an artful piece of storytelling. 

I am a lover of natural light and golden hour is one of my favorite moments to photograph during the day. I have mastered the art of details from getting ready to the raw emotion in ceremonies to candid laughs at cocktail hours and best dance parties at receptions over the years. After photographing around 200 weddings, I have a technique I am confident in using in all the moments of a wedding.

My style is warm, bold and rich in colors. 

my style

- Nichole and Alex

"Kisa was the BEST photographer we could have ever asked for. During all the madness, she was so understanding and flexible. More than anything, she was incredibly supportive. When it comes to talent, hers is unmatched. Her pictures are breathtaking. She truly knows exactly what she is doing and her pictures prove that again and again. Would recommend her a hundred times over. Not only is she an amazing photographer she is just a genuine person in general."

She truly knows exactly what she is doing.

- Lyndsi and Caleb

 "You will find such peace in the planning process and frenzy of the wedding day with her and you will LOVE the beautiful photos you receive a few weeks later."

kisa added such calming presence.

- Lindsey and Mike

"The whole planning process was easy and seamless. Our wedding photos turned out better than I could've hoped for. She captured our day perfectly and all I saw when looking at our photos was a beautiful bride and her handsome groom who were having the best day of their lives." 

kisa was flexible and understanding