Mar 8, 2023

Selkie in the City | Downtown Denver Engagement

The one time Kisa Conrad Photography went viral on a Tiktok in Colorado. Hannah and Kevin wanted to have a city feel in Downtown Denver. Hannah wore a Selkie dress and Kevin in a Hugo Boss Suit. We went to several places to capture that sophisticated city feel. As we approached City Hall, we ran into a group of Rollerblading individuals asking to be in the picture. One man in particular had a bubble gun and put some bubbles in the photo. As it was being recorded, we put it on the internet and it hit 1.2 Million views. The place we went to included City Hall, a rooftop parking lot and Byron White Courthouse.

Kisa Conrad Photography is a Vail, Aspen, Telluride, Denver, Colorado Springs Wedding and Couples Photographer.

  1. Morgan Lynn says:

    This shoot is iconic. The softness of her dress with the Urban landscape compliment each other so well. I love hearing the stories behind each shoot and seeing how they are captured.

  2. This session makes me want to do a session like this, I’m so inspired by this! Totally iconic!

  3. Briana Wilmott says:

    Engaged or not this photoshoot is beyond stunning! It captures the pure but simplistic love in a crazy busy city. 🤍

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